Why Am I Not Able To Add GitOps Cluster In Second Account When GitOps Agent Is Up And Running?


  • Harness CD, GitOps


  • Infrastructure: Harness Saas platform

  • OS: Mac, Windows, Linux


We have 2 Harness accounts used for testing Harness CD GitOps. We have the ArgoCD components installed on this cluster and we installed the GitOps agent by choosing the existing ArgoCD components as ‘Yes’ and it’s up and running. On Account-2, GitOps agent is registered in the project though we are not able to add the GitOps agent on the cluster and get the error message.

failed to create cluster in argo: createClusterinArgo: rpc error: code = InvalidArgument desc = existing cluster spec is different; use upsert flag to force update; difference in keys “ID,Name,Shard’.


  1. You can install only one agent per namespace/ArgoCD.
  2. Hosted GitOps or BYOArgo supports importing existing projects in ArgoCD, when importing ArgoCD projects, we map argo projects into Harness project, Harness projects belong to one account, enabling multiple agents in one namespace would allow cross account resource sharing which we don’t support.