Troubleshooting .NET Issues with OverOps agent

The Windows version of the OverOps agent was installed successfully. We can verify that the agent connects to the collector, but the IIS application does not start or does not work with the agent. These steps can be taken to troubleshoot the OverOps agent working with IIS applications.

Start the application within your IIS Manager. This way, any environment variables within Windows will be used with your application instead of using an application such as Visual Studio, where there may be some environmental differences and may not use what is set via Windows settings.

It should look like the following, where an app can be started using the IIS Manager:

In addition, use the Event Viewer in Windows to track down issues with loading the agent, in case the agent is picked up but doesn’t load. This is how it should look when it works:

Preferably, add similar variables through the use of parameters that can be passed through the file (.NET Agent Properties & .NET Agent Properties) to ensure the agent is picking up the application you are trying to monitor.

Here’s some more info regarding the Process Explorer:

An option is to use this tool:

Process Explorer - Windows Sysinternals

It allows one to look at all the processes in the system, like the task manager, but you can also see all the internal data they have, like their command line, open files, environment variables, etc.

Right-click on the process you want to examine and click Properties.
Verify the Environment tab in the open dialog.

  • It could be that you would need to run it as administrator so it could query all the processes, but it depends on the process you check.
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