Script to Clear Cache on the Collector

Here’s a quick and easy way to wipe the data that is on the collector.

  • From the Collector machine, go to Collector home dir (/opt/takipi e.g.)
  • Run ./etc/takipi-wipe-data (it may need a sudo)
  • Make sure we get “Successfully wiped collector’s data!”

Reasons to do this:

  1. Collector may be repurposed to a new environment and will need to wipe data from a former environment.
  2. Cleans up the drive space from files that are saved in the work directory. This is used as cache if in case there are agents that are continuously communicating to the same collector.
  3. Users want to provide a fresh start to the collector and do not want to reinstall it.
  4. Troubleshooting issues with the agents connecting to the collector but not sending any data.

When running the takipi-wipe-data command, make sure that you are using the same user:group permissions as what is being used for the collector, as this may recreate the necessary directories utilizing different permissions and will cause the collector not to start.