[Request] Add Organization Variables (like Secrets but not encrypted and editable)

In multiple pipelines I use the same URL’s or IP addresses to access API endpoints or SSH hosts. These do not need to be encrypted and would preferable be readable so the value can be verified for correctness.

Sadly enough, the only way to store such globalization variables seems to be to put them in a secret, which is not user-friendly for such a use-case.

It would be nice if Drone would allow you to set organization variables that can be used in pipelines but that are not encrypted, readable and editable. Ideally they can be managed in the the same way secrets can through the UI (and possibly command-line).

In the pipeline these variables could possibly be retrieved in the same way a secret is;

- name: Call Api
      from_vars: SomeApiUrlVariable

- name: Connect To Host
      from_vars: SomeHostIPVariable

Note the “from_vars” as substitute to the already existing “from_secret”.