Renewed plugins images miss arm achitecture


For the past few days, I notice more and more failures on my native builders’ pipelines due to the lack of arm architecture on the latest’s tags for common images.

Last week it was plugins/gitea-release, now plugins/s3.

Back to last months plugins updates, there was no problem: eg. plugins/docker, plugins/hugo, … contains an arm image.

What’s happening?

Hi @nemunaire we are migrating plugin builds from the cloud drone instance - to a private harness drone instance - I appreciate there may be some teething problems.

thanks for raising the issue - my suggestion in the short term would be to make use of a tagged version that you know works instead of latest :slight_smile:

Are you looking for arm or arm64? arm64 images should still work.

Our hosting provider removed support for arm a few months ago. We are working on updating pipelines to use buildx for cross compiling in our private drone instance (and not require native hardware), but that work is ongoing.

Have you tried setting the tag such as plugins/gitea-release:linux-arm or plugins/s3:linux-arm?

I deploy softwares for both arm and arm64, driven by an arm64 Drone, with arm and arm64 native runners.

I already switch to some other, older, tag. It indeed work again!

Thanks for the explanation regarding the situation, I just wondering if this was temporary or if this acts the end of support for the arm architecture.
Perhaps we can help with the buildx transition?