Pipeline rerun without full re-build


We do have a set of 5 Pipelines running in parallel for multiple target platforms.
We do use an object storage for temporary artifacts that are then passed to the final step. This final pipeline bundles all artifacts, makes them available in a longer available object storage and sends out build notifications.

!! Please not we speak of Drone Pipelines, not Steps !!

Now we sometimes have Infrastructure / Network issues that fail one of these pipelines but not others.
So it would be ideal to have a possiblity to within one Build, identified with one specific Build Nr. Rerun a whole pipeline.


Is there anything in the plans that Drone CI would in future support either:

  • Support multiple attempts on rerunning a whole pipelines under the same Build Number?
  • Support Restart of builds to be incremental, so a rerun with a new Build Number can be run in a way that it is not restarting already successfully completed pipelines?