Is there an active Harness community?

All I can see is a sea of unanswered questions, Where do you go to get support?

Hey @Jon_Vaughan, real-time discussions, interactions, and conversations in the Harness Community happen over Slack. Join a channel any time to participate, and ask questions about user queries or other contribution opportunities.

To join the community on Slack, click this invite link and sign-up using your email account!

To get started/involved, join the relevant working groups on Slack as many of our community members meet in chat.

Harness Continuous Delivery - Slack: #continuous-delivery

Harness Continuous Integration - Slack: #continuous-integration

Harness Cloud Cost Management - Slack: #cloud-cost-management

Harness Feature Flags - Slack: #feature-flags

Harness Chaos Engineering - Slack: #chaos-engineering

Harness Site Reliability Management - Slack: #site-reliability-management

Drone by Harness - Slack: #drone

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