Installation.key vs installation.token: What's the difference?

The collector has the option to use either the installation.key or the installation.token file to be able to provide service to agents connecting to it and gathering the data to be sent to the backend (UI).

To understand when these files are used to be able to start its service, we should understand the differences between the two and when to use them.


  • Obtained from the UI
  • Used on a collector to provide service for a single environment (ServiceID)
  • Saved inside the collector directory as installation.key file
  • Collector will be found connecting to the SID


  • Obtained from Harness/OverOps support
  • Used on a collector to provide service for multiple environments (MEC = multi-environment collector)
  • Saved inside the collector directory as installation.token file
  • Token will take precedence over installation.key
  • Utilize as a flag within the agent as this will guide the agent to report its exceptions to the designated ServiceID
  • If flag is not set, it will go to the default env when originally setup
  • If key points to environment different than one of the included environments of the token being used, agent will report to default environment used with the token

Locating the installation key/token:

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