Error 400 on Jira Step

Hello Gang :vulcan_salute:

When using a Jira Step, the following error can appear:

This happens because in the Jira step the customfield_54321 is an array field of custom type com.sourcesense.jira.plugin.cascadingselect:multi-level-cascading-select. This is a Multi-level cascading select Jira plugin.

The issue occurs because the value being passed to Jira is “Test Operations,” but Jira expects a different format:

"customfield_54321": [
        "id": "12345",
        "value": "Test Operations"

The error is coming up because we were trying to populate a field based on a Jira plugin that Harness doesn’t support.

If you encounter a similar issue with this Jira plugin or any other plugin, it’s best to check with your Jira support team to see if there’s a solution available. With the right support and guidance, you can ensure that your Jira instance is running smoothly and efficiently.