Drone exec: support for multiple pipelines


I’ve noticed that ‘drone exec’ doesn’t support multiple pipelines (even running them sequencially).
Would be nice for it to be able to receive a list on pipelines as --pipeline parameter or even better, to solve the dependencies and execute all sequentially.

My usercase is the following:
I have a selfhosted dev environment (k8s, lxc) and the top feature on my list about Drone is the ability to run a pipeline locally (drone exec) so I (as developer) can have the same “build instructions” as my target (prod) environments, without resorting to different scripts that builds my containers locally and something else in prod.

Generating the YAML from a starlark file is really useful (quick exemple is multi-platform docker files + manifests) but I still must call ‘drone exec --pipeline=…’ for each pipeline generated from starlark. I could get around by also generating a special named pipeline with kind: exec which have as steps calling drone exec for a given list but it is an awful hack to handle things like secrets and env files.

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I would love to see this feature implemented as well