Drone exec starlark support


I’ve been giving a shot to Drone CI and one feature which I missed is the support of starlark to ‘drone exec’ command.

My usercase is the following:
I have a selfhosted dev environment (k8s, lxc) and the top feature on my list about Drone is the ability to run a pipeline locally (drone exec) so I (as developer) can have the same “build instructions” as my target (prod) environments, without resorting to different scripts that builds my containers locally and something else in prod.

I use starlark to build multi-arch pipelines and having to call “drone starlark convert” that generates a drone.yaml and then calling "drone exec [params]’ is a PITA. would be nice to have the option for exec to read directly the starlark file or something like reading from stdin , so I could pipe the convert into exec.