Drone-cli: cannot supply commit ref to exec


Attempting to run my pipeline using drone-cli ‘drone exec’, I’ve noticed I cannot pass the commit ref either by setting env variable DRONE_COMMIT_REF on shell and the cli argument --ref has been disabled (drone-cli/drone/exec/exec.go at master · harness/drone-cli · GitHub).

Here is a sample pipeline:

kind: pipeline
name: default

- name: test
  image: alpine
  - set

drone cli version 1.6.2 (windows)

neither the following works:
attempting to set variable in powershell:


attempting to set environment inside .drone.yml:

  DRONE_COMMIT_REF: 'refs/tags/1.2.3'

According to documentation Command Line Runner | Drone , it should be possible to emulate metadata like DRONE_SYSTEM_HOST=drone.company.com drone exec but I cannot replicate it.

How to supply metadata to drone exec ?

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I’m also running into the same issue, whichever is the metadata from References list.

Any solutions?

Although it is not a generic solution, I’ve managed to get around my needs with using PLUGIN_ENV_FILE.