Disable a Trigger Temporarily

Problem: Currently, we do not have an out-of-the-box option to disable a trigger temporarily without deleting it. To disable a trigger, we delete it and then add it later as required.

Solution: As a workaround, you can edit a trigger and set the condition to On Time Schedule, which will allow you the flexibility to execute a trigger on a custom CRON expression based on when you might need it again. Also, this is helpful when you want to disable an individual trigger in an application.

If you select Custom CRON Expression, the time format must be a cron quartz expression.

Harness implicitly adds a prefix for seconds, so it does not have to be specified explicitly.

For example, to execute the Trigger every year at 5:00 UTC starting 2025, the quartz expression would be 0 5 0 ? * * 2025/1, but you would enter 5 0 ? * * 2025/1 because Harness adds the 0 prefix.