Creating a conditional build step based on what actually changed

Hi All!

Trying to speed up a build significantly… say the repo has the following structure

├── app   //app code
├── db    //could be ORM or just migrations
└── infra // IaC

Is there a way to have Drone, say, skip the app build step if there aren’t any changes in that directory (app takes 11+ minutes to build), skip the db build step if there’s nothing new there, or skip the readme if that’s the only change?

My build is written using a Jsonnet file, so that opens up a few possibilities I think.

I found the paths changed plugin, but it seems you have to run a web service separate from the drone server. This is not possible, I’m not allowed to stand things up willy-nilly on my corporate network, nor do I have direct access to the drone server.