Annotations support for kube runners

We’re using the drone helm chart.

We’d like to define annotations for the runner pods, e.g. "false". Yet we couldn’t find how to do so using the chart values.
The podAnnotations field there only applies it to the static drone-runner pod, not the pods that really execute the work later on.

I’ve come across DRONE_POLICY_FILE annotations don't seem to work but I cannot infer if this is a custom hack or something really got implemented in the end.

Is there a way to define annotations for runner pods right now?

To make it more clear, here’s a subset of the current annotations

│ Annotations:          DRONE_BUILD_FINISHED: 1673510512                                                                                           │        
│                       DRONE_BUILD_STATUS: success                                                                                                │        
│                       DRONE_STAGE_FINISHED: 1673510512                                                                                           │        
│                       DRONE_STAGE_STATUS: success                                                                                                │        
│                       io.drone: true                                                                                                             │        
│              68

Any hint is appreciated!

Nevermind, the following syntax seems to work just fine