ZeroNorth API Walkthrough

This guide describes how to retrieve information about ZeroNorth main components(Scenario, Target, Integration and Policy) from ZeroNorth API. Prior to using API, we must be aware of the most common methods used in API,

GET - retrieve data
POST - create data
PUT - update data
DELETE - delete data


  • Valid license and credentials for using ZeroNorth
  • ZeroNorth API token


Once you have your API token , go to and paste the token key in the top right text box (but do not press ENTER).

Some Examples of API Calls

To find out account information such as email , customerID , roles , and assumable customers, you can refer to the following endpoint,

Integration , that defines the target type, is referred as environments in the ZeroNorth API. To get a list of integration information used in the account, we can refer to the following endpoint,

List of all Scenario (product configuration) information, can be retrieved from,

Information regarding Target (entity to be scanned), can be retrieved from,

Policy information can be retrieved from,

*The endpoint can be specified to retrieve specific information based on parameters such as id .