YAML unmarshal error when environment is an array (1.0.0-rc.2)

Drone build fails with error

yaml: unmarshal errors: line 45: cannot unmarshal !!seq into map[string]*yaml.Variable line 69: cannot unmarshal !!seq into map[string]*yaml.Variable

when environment of the step is an array:

  - RAILS_ENV=test
  - SIDEKIQ_REDIS_URL=redis://redis:6379/0

but when environment is an object:

  RAILS_ENV: test
  SIDEKIQ_REDIS_URL: redis://redis:6379/0

there is no parsing error.

Drone introduced a new syntax for pipelines in version 1.0.0 and it is not retro-compatible.

Your first example only works in Drone <= v0.8

Yes, but the docs for 1.0.0 says

You can use either an array or a dictionary

Also, there are no examples using the array syntax in the docs.