Yaml: invalid trailing UTF-8 octet

Hello, everyone, I have met an error when I trigger pipeline

It seems .drone.yml have some unregconized utf8 character code, but I run it normally by using drone exec command. and I use drone lint and drone fmt --save to parse yaml file again, but it still doesn’t work. I also have try to install drone-yaml module and use drone-yaml compile command to test yaml file, there has right json file output in command.

so I want to ask what should I debug it? Does it relate with host server? I have never met this error before just in this machine.

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[news update]
I google this question and most of people said it’s a file encoding error. I have check my .drone.yml file is save as utf8 by vscode. And it’s normal if yaml contains all of english words, it’s error when have some utf8 character like chinese words.