Write API: Create User - Mass Upload

Hey all!

Harness is slowly rolling out their Write API, allowing the users to add more and more info via an API/CLI or other programmatic input method.

One of the first functions available is the ability to Create Users, which allows the different Harness Admins to add a larger batch of users to Harness (imagine having to put 100 users into Harness, one user at a time). So, to help you out going forward, I’ve put together a python script that will enable you to leverage a CSV file to add the different users as a batch.

Here is a link to the github repo that has the python script to use.

The essential first step will obviously need to be having a CSV file to use. This should look like the following setup:

The python script will actually query your API and get the User Group IDs for you, so make sure you get the appropriate GroupIDs from the output and put them into the CSV file per user before you move on in the script (I’ve added a pause to allow you to move the info over before you select the CSV file.

Hopefully this helps!

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