Workspace absolute path


when I’m using the workspace path /go/src in my project, it resolves to the absolute path /go/src.
When using anything else, eg /foobar or /usr/src/whatever it resolves to /drone/foobar.

Why is there two different behaviours?
I’m using drone/drone:0.8

  • Paul

The workspace is a docker volume that is mounted inside your container therefore must be an absolute path. The workspace is explained in detail here; and the documentation includes example Docker commands to illustrate exactly how it works.

In terms of the other examples you provided, I am not sure I understand well enough to comment yet. It would be helpful to clarify what “anything else” refers to. Can you provide some example configurations to augment these statements?

Nevermind. I’ve compared the drone files between my golang projects and my deb projects.
On my golang projects I use the syntax with base + path and on my other I only use path.

My mistake.
Have a nice weekend.