Worker parallelism

I set up a worker on a quad-core server but I’m seeing a build waiting for the previous one to finish. Is parallelism limited to one build at a time? Can I increase the limit? My builds do some IO waiting so the server is capable to handle multiple builds at a time without compromising any of them.

If you are using version 0.8 you can increase parallelism using the DRONE_MAX_PROCS agent parameter. If you are using 0.7 the variable name is DOCKER_MAX_PROCS

Example single concurrency:


Example N concurrency


Thanks, @bradrydzewski

This is a useful parameter, but I can’t find it in any drone documents but in its code. Looks like a secret.

Could you create a CHANGELOG file in to record the changes for each release from now on, such as new features, bug fix, etc, so we can easily follow up?

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