[wontfix] Running Drone from within a subdirectory


I’m trying to run Drone for my private code. I wanted it to replace my older CI. But I run my CI under a subdirectory, i.e. acme.com/ci. I’ve looked in the docs and in the help but never found an option for the DRONE_HOST to be a full path to https://acme.com/ci.

I have it running now but the web-UI doesnt show because all CSS and JS is loaded from /static which is not (for my case) /ci/static.

Is this possible?

Should I file an issue on Github? (I did not since the issue template told me not to do so).



Not possible at the moment and not planned also, suggested solution is use subdomain.

See https://github.com/drone/drone/issues/475

Hm. Ok. I’ll go with the hostname variant for now. Perhaps I’ll look into the subdirectory part for Drone when I’m settled with it as my primary CI.

I know this thread is all but dead, but I can’t find any information on this, and the github issue link is dead.

Was any other work ever done/planned for this?

I am sorry to disappoint but our stance has not changed. This is a wontfix. The recommended approach is to use a subdomain or to provision a dedicated vm — drone can run on a $5 digital ocean vm.