Windows exec runner

Hello everyone.
I need to install exec drone runner on Windows, i found this instuction:

And i can’t figure out what to do.
What i mean:
First of all u need to use curl and sudo install on windows?
Then it says:
The environment file should be stored at the following path: C:\Drone\drone-runner-exec\config . But this is win directory…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:
How is that work?
I mean, i just don’t understand this instruction :upside_down_face:
If someone explain this situation for me, that would be great.
Thank you

That may not have been the best thought out instructions… giving Linux instructions/commands for a Windows install. Maybe the author was running WSL or mingw and forgot to think about Windows? :laughing:

Instead, you would go to as before, click on where it says ‘releases’ in the opening paragaph…

The exec runner is packaged in binary format and distributed as a Github release.

… and download the relevant drone_runner_exec_windows_ file… i386 for 32 bit or amd64 for 64 bit… To unpack the file, grab yourself a copy of 7zip… and extract drone-runner-exec somewhere… perhaps in C:\Drone\drone-runner-exec since then the config file will be next to it then? The setup the config file as needed… ignore half of step step 3 since you’ve already made the dir :man_facepalming: … install the service… and then open the text file with notepad since Windows don’t have cat either!

That’s my 2c anyway!

also rename drone-runner-exec to drone-runner-exec.exe