Windows drone runner exec package sources

Just wondering if anyone knows why this is. It’s stopping me using drone-runner-exec to install powershell modules

when running drone runner exec powershell package sources aren’t available



WARNING: Unable to find package sources.
Register-PackageSource -Name PSGallery -Location -ProviderName PowerShellGet


26 Register-PackageSource : The property 'Values' cannot be found on this object.
27 Verify that the property exists.
28 At C:\Windows\TEMP\drone-JoNaLKidfYFLhiZ0\opt\getps.ps1:21 char:1
29 + Register-PackageSource -Name PSGallery -Location https://www.powersh ...
30 + ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
31 + CategoryInfo : NotSpecified: (Microsoft.Power...erPackageSource
32 :RegisterPackageSource) [Register-PackageSource], Exception
33 + FullyQualifiedErrorId : PropertyNotFoundStrict,Microsoft.PowerShell.Pack
34 ageManagement.Cmdlets.RegisterPackageSource

I’ve found out what this is - leaving open in case you want to address it.

Inside the powershell script executed by drone-runner-exec the environment variable LOCALAPPDATA is blank ? should it be set to something in the temp user profile?