[Windows] Docker runner resource limits

I have a windows runner pc wich has 12 cpu cores and i like to limit them, so each jon can only use 4 of them.

I know for linux i can use cpu-period and cpu-quota´. Windows only supports cpu-percentandcpu-quota´.

Hi @viceice , Thanks for reaching Drone support. The CPU configurations can be configured with docker commands, please check the docker documentation for more details: Runtime options with Memory, CPUs, and GPUs | Docker Documentation

Let us know if you have any question.

Harness Support Team

As i said before, i know i can set some environment variables to configure limits for drone docker runner on linux. I would like to do the same on windows which has a different set of run arguments. :confused:

So for linux i can set --cpu-period and --cpu-quota.
For windows i would need --cpu-percent

--cpus will work on both platforms, so will you accept a PR to add that parameter?
Or the --cpu-percent parameter ?