Windows: can't install exec runner service to my user account


I’m trying to install a Windows runner for a private project. Running and maintaining a separate VM is a bit outside my capabilities right now, so I thought I’d install the Drone service on my desktop and link it to my private Gitea instance.

If I install the service without credentials, it seems to work. If instead I pass --username="Nolan" --password="mypassword", I’m always told that the credentials for the account are invalid. I’ve tried different casing of the username, with and without quotes, etc. The password is definitely correct.

Is there something I’m missing? I really don’t want to install all my toolchains globally just to support Windows CI on a few projects that only I have access to, and where Linux/macOS builds are virtualized.

Alternatively, if there’s a reasonably priced Windows option that doesn’t require me to remote in and keep a server patched, please do let me know.