Windows agent broken since updating master instance to 1.2.0

Hi all,

In a multi-machine setup, I’ve just updated the master instance and Linux agents to Drone 1.2.0 (from 1.1.0). There is no updated Docker image for “windows-1809-amd64”, so this machine has to stay at the unspecified version from 3 months ago.

Since that update, the Windows agent can no longer pick up its builds from the Drone master. I’m seeing the hourglass icon forever.
A look into the logs of the Windows agent reveals:

{"arch":"amd64","build-id":2737,"level":"warning","machine":"1234567890ab","msg":"runner: cannot ack stage","os":"windows","repo-id":587,"stage-id":2873,"time":"2019-06-03T17:48:19+02:00"}

Could you have a look and provide an updated Docker image for Windows 1809?

Thank you in advance!

Colin Finck

Bump. Still no new Windows image for docker/agent.

I encountered the same.

The error seems to come from

I can find the method Accept only at


As you can see, the Accept at the server side is unimplemented.
I didn’t log the running code so I am not 100% sure.

Edit: You mentioned that it didn’t happen on v1.1.0
So, the above analysis looks irrelevant.