Why login occur Account is not active

After logging in, I received a message that the user was not activated. I read other people’s reply that it was possible that the free resources had been abused, but I clearly didn’t do so. Moreover, I don’t know which project had a problem (I can tell what project had a problem, and I can delete the project. Now I don’t know what caused the account to be disabled, Please give the reason, thank you very much). Can I resume using drone after deleting the project? I have some drone plug-ins that need to use drone to complete automatic packaging and push to docker hub

Drone plug in repository: GitHub - dronestock/cos: Drone中腾讯云对象存储插件
Other repository: storezhang (张川) / Repositories · GitHub

@bradrydzewski help me please


Apology for inconvenience caused but As per our policy we do not reactivate a disabled account, You can install drone oss server locally and build your pipeline.