Why Do I Get This Error ‘Invalid request: The given connector doesn’t have api access field set’?


  • Harness Continuous Integration
  • Harness Continuous Delivery


  • Infrastructure: Harness Saas
  • OS: Mac, Windows, Linux


I was testing Harness Git-Experience and while creating and setting up the pipeline as a Remote storage, the git connector threw this error - Invalid request: The given connector doesn’t have api access field set


You have to enable Enable API access (recommended), if you are using git connector for Triggers, Harness Git Experience, or authenticating via app, so that your Git Connector credentials are used to commit to Git when operations are performed using API.

Follow these steps to enable Enable API access (recommended).

Step:1 Once you choose to save the pipeline remotely, you will need to create a Git connector to connect to the repository for your project. Select Connector Type as GitHub Connector.

Step: 2 Give a name to your connector.

Step 3: Add GitHub Account URL and other details for Harness to connect to your GitHub Account.

Step 4: Add credentials, that is, the username and Personal Access Token, click the checkbox to enable Enable API access (recommended) and add the API Authentication, you can add the PAT you just created, while adding the credentials.

Step 5: Choose how you would like to connect to the provider.

Step 6: Once you click ‘Save and Continue’, Harness uses Delegate to test the connector. Upon successful Test Connection, you will now be able to move to further steps to save the pipeline configurations remotely.