Who uses drone behind nginx-ingress?

Hi, I could not upgrade drone to version 1 because of this issue: Cannot find remote user: Bad credentials

So far I could not find anybody to help out. I isolated the issue in this repo for others to reproduce, and also to inspect what might be done wrong:

I invite those interested to investigate my steps. @bradrydzewski, I also would like to ask you not only to look, but to offer assistance with increasing drone-server debug output around the oauth flow.

I suspect something like a header collision, and maybe a naming change happened between 0.8.2 and 1.0.0, which gets overwritten in the flow (Request-ID maybe?).

Nevermind, I found my errors that led to this:

  • oauth2 lib used in drone is now case sensitive, so I had to use Morriz instead of morriz
  • I also had a newline in my secret’s base64 output, which only was a problem in the latest helm chart that decided to use valueFrom (which is sensitive to that).