When daemon returned that he cannot assigned IPv4 each new build is treated skipped

On version 2.0.4
When the docker daemon fail to assign new IPs the steps fail on skip:
(Sorry for the low quality images :grimacing:)

It was hard to understand why it happened as no logs was produced about it (even when using the debug flag)

I almost started over but then I tried to look at the db (in the data volume) and saw in the stages table - at the stage column the docker error:
(Again, sorry for the low quality)

I think it should display the stage error in the website, or at least log it.

Thank you

Thanks for the detailed report. Drone correctly captures the error, however, there is a minor UI bug where the error is not being displayed as expected which is what you are experiencing. This is a minor regression from 1.x and we plan on fixing the UI in an upcoming release. Lets merge this into the existing thread.

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Is there anything I can help?

I appreciate the offer :slightly_smiling_face: . we just hired a new frontend developer and this is one of the first tasks they will be working on. So nothing to do at the moment except wait for a new release. In the meantime, you can use the API or CLI to get the error message if / when you encounter this issue.

If you need anything, let me know, thank!