What's the event after merging a pull request


I’m trying to deploy my code after merging a PR from github, I tried the event push but it didn’t start the deployment step, here is the code

    image: drillster/drone-rsync
      - myHost1
    source: /tmp
    target: ~/packages
      - "workflow-${DRONE_COMMIT_SHA}.tar.gz"
      - "**.*"
      - cd ~/packages
      - ls -la
      - tar -xf workflow-${DRONE_COMMIT_SHA}.tar.gz -C /home/workflow/www
      - cd /home/workflow/www
    secrets: [ rsync_user, rsync_key ]
      branch: master
      event: push

When you merge a pull request it creates a push event. You can see where we use similar syntax in our official Drone configuration:

that’s weired, I mean I use the same event but it’s not triggering the build, is there somewhere how to debug the event sent from Github ?

it didn’t start the deployment step
it’s not triggering the build

I think I’m a little confused. Is the build being triggered, and the deployment step in your yaml being skipped? Or is the build not being triggered at all? This is a very important detail here.

it’s not triggering the build

If a build is not triggered, drone will always write a debug message to the server logs indicating why it was skipped. You can view the server logs by running docker logs <container>. Note that you have to have debug logs enabled.

is there somewhere how to debug the event sent from Githu

you can go to your repository settings in github and see every single webhook that was sent to drone. I doubt you will find any useful information in github, unless the webhook delivery completely failed. Otherwise, you will get the most useful details from the Drone server logs.

Thank you for your help, no the build wan’t triggered, cause I had push deactivated in Drone UI configuration.