What to do on builds that are stuck in "pending" - 0.8.4

Every now and then I get a build (In 0.8.4) that’s stuck in pending. Usually one that starts when I’m tearing down an agent and changing settings or what not. New builds work but it leaves some builds in a weird pending state. There’s no cancel option and restart just gives a generic failed message “Failed to restart your build”. I’d like to clear it out and “drone build kill” returns client error 400: Cannot force cancel a non-running build

temporary workaround here until 0.9 is released :point_right: Cancel a queued build

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Thanks! How far out is .9? I might just let them hang if it’s around the corner.

Probably end of month for the first release candidate, but note that it will not cleanup old zombie builds – it just has a fix that should prevent it from happening in the future.

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Ah good to know then I’ll go ahead of fix them :slight_smile: