What "Service" type to select in order to deploy simple Windows software using PowerShell?


I went through the university.harness program but I couldn’t find guidance for my simple scenario.
What should I select for “Service” type if I want to deploy simple Windows application ( with PowerShell script I need to run .exe installation file contained within the ZIP package) on my Windows Virtual machine? This is very basic but I couldn’t find instructions in the training. It is not K8S or docker based and it’s not IIS based application either. It’s not a web app, but simple windows software.

When I try to create Service for my App in Deployment Type I am not sure what should I select for my case:
SSH (which is only for Linux VMs if I am not mistaken)
or WinRM - but if I choose this then I can choose for Artifact Type only some IIS type (my app is not running under IIS), or Docker (my app is not running as Docker) or Other (I am not sure what is meant by Other).

Can you please tell me what kind of Service I should choose for simple PowerShell script deployment on my Windows VMs? I will be thankful for any instructions…

Hi Veljkoc -

When setting up a WinRM service that is not IIS based, you can choose the “Other” artifact type.

Now depending on where your zip package is located you’ll want to configure your artifact source to point to it.

For example, here’s what it looks like when you set it up for Artifactory:

Once that is done you can setup your Deployment Sepcification which is a series of powershell scripts to be executed on your target servers.

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@micah Thank you a lot for your kind help!!!

I will then start with this WinRM. I have windows VMs for targets and using JFrog artifactory.
As I see (based on the Permissions and Ports for Harness Connections - Harness.io Docs) I will have to submit network request for:

  • Widnows VMs
    Windows VMs (WinRM ports): HTTP: 5985, HTTPS: 5986.

  • JFfrog artifactory
    HTTP: 443.

I hope this will be enough since we do not have any more sources.