What scopes are needed for Dynatrace Connection in Harness NextGen

If you want to set up Dynatrace in our NextGen, what scopes are needed for Dynatrace Connection? As part of this article, we will be answering this question.

When you create a Dynatrace access token, You usually need to specify the Permission Scopes the token will have, as documented here:

  • All external access to your Dynatrace monitoring environment relies on two pieces of information: the environment ID and an access token.

Dynatrace uses several types of tokens:

  • Access tokens and personal access tokens grant access to:
  • Tenant tokens allow OneAgent to report data to Dynatrace

Dynatrace changed the format for the Access Tokens recently, so now, instead of the toggles, you need to pick the scopes.

You need the below scopes to be enabled from Dynatrace to create a Dynatrace Connection in NextGen:

  • events.read
  • metrics.read
  • entities.read

Once you have enabled the above scopes, you can go through our documentation here:

  1. Verify Deployments with Dynatrace - Harness.io Docs, which talks about how to verify deployments with Dynatrace.

  2. Connect to Monitoring and Logging Systems - Harness.io Docs, which talks about how to add Dynatrace Monitoring and Logging Systems as part of the project.

We need to follow these steps to add a Dynatrace Connection in Harness NextGen.