What kind of helm chart repositories are supported for JFrog Artifactory source in Harness?

JFrog Artifactory has two types of repositories, Local and Virtual. Local repositories are the ones where you push the charts, but to get a chart you’ll need to use a virtual repository!

If local Helm repo is used, then there can be an issue faced while using Helm Chart for Harness deployment with error message:

Invalid request: Failed to fetch chart "CHART_NAME" from repo "CHART_REPO_NAME". Please check if the chart is present in the repo.

To isolate this issue, following commands can be tried directly from the delegate host where the deployment failed.

  1. */opt/harness-delegate/client-tools/helm/v3.1.2/helm repo add <random_id> <helm_chart_artifactory_url> --username --password ********
  2. /opt/harness-delegate/client-tools/helm/v3.1.2/helm pull <random_id>/<chart_name> --untar --version <chart_version>

If a local helm repo is used, for the above helm pull command error seen would be:

[centos@harness-dev-onvd-delegate02.onvd ~]$ /opt/harness-delegate/client-tools/helm/v3.1.2/helm pull <random_id>/<chart_name> --untar --version <chart_version>

Error: scheme "local" not supported

This is related with how artifactory manages the helm repositories (local and virtual).
If there is a need to pull charts from artifactory one needs to add the virtual repo and the local won’t work, you can read more about this here: https://www.jfrog.com/confluence/display/RTF/Helm+Chart+Repositories