What is the ZeroNorth™ Command-Line Interface (CLI)?

ZeroNorth’s Command-Line Interface is a stand-alone executable for interacting with the ZeroNorth platform; it acts as a proxy to our API. It is useful for environments that cannot utilize our Docker Integration Image .

It performs the following two functions:

  1. verify connection to a customer’s ZN account
  2. post the results of the scan to the customer’s ZN account
  • either data ingestion or orchestration

Its use cases are

  1. Orchestrate scans
  • SonarQube scans can run onprem
  • for other scanning tools only SaaS based scans can be performed
  1. Data ingestion for SonarQube only

When orchestrating a SaaS based scan, the CLI uploads to ZeroNorth a copy of the code repository or the build artifact to submit to the specified scan tool. During the execution, messages are displayed on the console from which the CLI was run. Typically, customers trigger scans after these events:

  1. Source code scanning immediately after being checked out from source control
  2. Build artifact scanning immediately after your build process

Features and Benefits:

  • Does not require a docker environment.
  • View scan results, history, etc. in ZeroNorth’s web UI as usual.
  • Embed security into DevOps, paving the path to DevSecOps.

Suggested continued reading: How to use the ZeroNorth CLI and download.