What are ZeroNorth's Docker Agents?

ZeroNorth has two Docker agents that act as a proxy to our API. They work with our “runners” (see What are runners?).

Both do the following:

  1. verify connection to a customer’s ZN account
  2. spawn a “runner” and finally
  3. post the results of the scan (or discovery) to the customer’s ZN account.

Integration-Orchestrator (Docker Image)

Its only function is to check the job queue of a customer’s account for any jobs that it needs to complete. It polls the API every second.

Its use cases are:

  1. Onprem repo discovery
  2. Onprem DAST Target discovery

Integration-Container (Docker Image)

It references the API key and Policy Id parameter values to view the Policy definition and determine if it will orchestrate a scan or only retrieve results (i.e. data ingestion).

Its use cases are:

  1. trigger scans to run (either onprem or SaaS)
  2. create security gates within a build process / pipeline

Is your organization not set up for Docker? See our alternative CLI option - the CLI is an alternative for the Integration-Container only.

Docker Set Up

Ready to start using ZeroNorth’s Docker Agents? See Set Up Docker for ZN’s Docker Agents.