What are the limitations in open-source edition?

Hey Everyone,

I am quite keen to try out drone.io but just wanted to know the differences between an open-source and enterprise edition. Unfortunately, there is no comparison table on the website.

The official pricing link says

We do not have a free option at this time. If cost is a concern, you have the option to download and install the open source edition of Drone on your own servers.

But looks like there are some hidden limitations. Few of them have been identified here.


The enterprise features are listed in the documentation. There are no hidden limitations that I am aware of. You can see the list on the left menu, in the “enterprise extensions” section. http://docs.drone.io/setup-global-secrets/

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Ah, now I have a clear picture. I think this should also be somewhere on the pricing page (just like other companies) so that it is easy to find.

I will try this out sometime soon now.


Drone Enterprise is free for entities with both: (a) annual gross revenue under (USD) $1 million (according to GAAP, or the equivalent in its country of domicile); and (b) less than (USD) $5 million in aggregate debt and equity funding. Support is not included.

I found this on the enterprise page, is there a way to get a copy of the enterprise version at the moment if you fall under those conditions?

I’m also curious how you do this. It seems the drone repo references some hidden drone-enterprises repository: https://github.com/drone/drone/blob/master/.drone.sh#L22

I’m guessing one would have to contact the sales team or something…?

Hello? I find it concerning that nobody from Drone has responded to this post or my email to the sales team.