Weekly cron missing avatar (GitLab connection)

Hello folks,

First and foremost, thanks for releasing Drone! I fought with Jenkins for so long and setting up Drone for my homelab was a breeze of fresh air (and speed!).

Recently I noticed that my weekly cron job shows an empty avatar, here is the HTML snippet:

<img data-v-17e68631="" src="" alt="avatar"><div data-v-17e68631="" class="description"><span data-v-17e68631=""></span><span data-v-17e68631=""> executed scheduled task </span><span data-v-9cd7bd32="" data-v-17e68631=""><!----><span data-v-9cd7bd32="" class="repo-item-label">weekly-build</span></span><!----><!----></div><div data-v-17e68631="" class="time"><div data-v-17e68631="" class="time-elapsed"><div data-v-319bfaee="" data-v-17e68631="" class="hint align-center position-bottom" style="display: none;"><div data-v-319bfaee="" class="triangle"></div>Build duration</div><time data-v-17e68631="">03:17</time></div><span data-v-17e68631="" class="dot"></span><span data-v-17e68631="" class="time-started"><div data-v-319bfaee="" data-v-17e68631="" class="hint align-right position-bottom" style="right: 0px; display: none;"><div data-v-319bfaee="" class="triangle"></div>
            Build started: 2020-04-12, 02:13 am
          9 hours ago

Found a similar reported issue (Avatar is empty for cron builds), but relates to Gitea, not GitLab.

Not a Go developer, but if someone can point me to the right places to update, I could take a stab and send a PR :grin:

Thank you in advance and thank you for creating Drone!


See the following pull request for how this was patched with Gitea: