Web interface does not load repository details when using Safari 15

I have linked drone to a private Gitea repository. The linking and general display of all Gitea repositories works on the drone web interface. When selecting a repository, the site reloads but is suddenly only white. This occurs only in Safari (current version 15.1).

The only error I notice in the web developer console is ReferenceError: Can't find variable: ResizeObserver.

I have also noticed this behaviour on other drone instances (e.g. https://ci.strahlungsfrei.de/djmaze/shepherd ). When selecting a build (/djmaze/shepherd/100 the site loads without any problem.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Open https://ci.strahlungsfrei.de/djmaze/shepherd with Safari 15

Actual behaviour
Drone repository detail site does not load when using Safari with the following error in the web developer console ReferenceError: Can't find variable: ResizeObserver

Expected behaviour
Drone repository detail site loads no matter which browser is being used.

Software information
Drone 2.8.0 running in Docker 20.10.12 on CentOS Stream
Safari 15.1 on macOS Monterey 12.0.1 running on MacBook Air M1