Want to avoid requiring all our drone users to perform repository sync

We have a system that fronts github repository creation and handles automating drone integration for the newly created repositories. This system is working well and the drone integration is great.

We are running into an issue though where the repository end users have a bad experience when they move to using drone. They either cannot find their new repository in the drone UI, or they get a “404 record not found” if they follow a github check link to drone from their repository. These issues are resolved if they hit the ‘sync’ button from the main drone UI page, but many of these users are new to drone and don’t realize they need to do this.

I’m curious if there is a way we can avoid having to have each of our users perform a sync in this situation.

I have seen the POST /api/user/repos API call, but my impression is that this syncs only performs a sync for the calling user.

Is there any feature or plugin out there that will sync a newly created repository to all appropriate users on creation?

Hello Cleroy,

Kindly confirm if the auto sync happens without manually using the “sync” button.