"View Source" button not working

Clicking on the “View Source” button doesn’t work. Looks like the href tag is missing. Drone is integrated with BitBucket following the guide from https://docs.drone.io/server/provider/bitbucket-server/

The other drone which is integrated with Gitlab works fine and the “View Source” button is working as expected.

Anyone experienced this?

have you checked to ensure you are running the latest version of Drone? I believe the View Source button was improved in newer versions.

The drone version is the one that comes with the latest helm charts. Helm chart version 2.2.0, which as far as I can see comes with drone 1.3.1.

1.6.1 is the latest official version. The Helm chart is unofficial and is not maintained by the Drone team.

In case someone else ends up here, the “View Source” button does work as expected on the latest version. (tested with v1.6.4)

Thanks for the help!