Verify Prometheus 64 Character Limit

Problem Statement:

Customer will add a verify Prometheus step in a pipeline and have encountered the following error during deployment.

“RuntimeException: name cannot be more than 64 characters long.”

This will affect users who are trying to setup a Prometheus step in Harness NextGen. From the image above, this appears as a verify step setup after a Helm deploy step.

Cause of the issue:

This issue can be caused by the name field here from the Monitored Service definition

This field is created by the combination of Service Ref and Environment Ref.

For a customer’s case the Service Ref plus the Environment REf combined will create a name field value that will exceed the allowed limit of 64 Characters. Hence the error message


At the writing of this article, the only solution is to create a service and environment with a shorter name such that you do not hit this restriction.

Harness is working on a long term solution to address this without the need to shorten your service or environment names.