Using custom environmentals in drone.yml

In Drone 0.4, we had the ability to reference environmentals inside the .drone.yml file, in particular, the PLUGIN_PARAMS argument (as per

With Drone 0.5, the syntax has changed from $$VARIABLE to ${VARIABLE}, but it no longer seems able to pull in external environmentals defined on the agent container.

So my question is whether there is still a way to reference an environmental that is setup on the Drone Agent container inside the .drone.yml with 0.5 ?

Our use case is that we want to set common values such as our ECR registry and our Slack Plugin webhook URLs at a single central location.

Thanks in advance for any tips.

drone supports drone global secret add which is effectively the same as PLUGIN_PARAMS. It works just like secrets, but you don’t specify a repository. Can only be added by admins.

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Nice one, thanks @bradrydzewski