Users getting 404, "repository permissions not found"?

We have a Private repo in Drone and even after adding the team to have GitHub write permissions, the user continues to get 404’s when trying to access the repo in Drone. He logged in/out of Drone and GitHub and we disabled/reactivated the repo on Drone as well but the 404’s still persist for him.

The Drone logs still show “repository permissions not found.”

What else can I do to troubleshoot this?

Does the user need to click the “sync” button to force sync their repository list between GitHub and Drone? Also see these additional threads which might provide some useful information:

Thanks Brad, we’ll try that next time. We just removed his user and Drone and when he logged back in it worked.

@ClaytonOlley when a user is removed and re-added, the next time they login the system will sync their repositories. So my guess is that if this happens again, the sync button should hopefully fix it. Glad you got it working, though :tada:

Thanks Brad, apologies I completely forgot about that Sync button. :smiley: