User registration is disabled

Unable to register with my github account

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Hi @ptuchster is this for a local installation of drone or drone cloud? have you tried clearing your browser cache/cookies pertaining to drone?

Hello, I have the same error, I’ve never used Drone before. I’m trying to learn how drone works, mine is being installed on cloud. Thanks

I assume it is drone cloud you are using - I’m afraid we have had to disable registration temporarily due to crypto mining abuse

We are currently considering options to protect against crypto miners

Is there a way to manually approve my authentication ? I’m learning it in preparation for a job interview. Thanks

Thats why I had started this topic. I saw that you are approve manually by request

Hi @ninesky00 apologies, I didn’t realise we were manually approving - it looks like you are approved now

@ptuchster have you been approved? if not can you send through your github account?

@d1wilko Yes sure - ptuchster (Alexander Bochkarev) · GitHub

@ptuchster that should be you up and running now - let me know if you have any issues :slight_smile:

Hi, could I get my Github account approved manually for Drone cloud? It’s kehindeadewusi (Kehinde Adewusi) · GitHub.

Hi @Kehinde_Adewusi

That should be you added now.


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Hi, I’ve created another thread making the same request for an activated account here, if anyone is free to enable it

User registration is disabled issue

roger10010 · GitHub


@eoinmcafee00 Please can you approve my account - AdonisOkpidi · GitHub

@roger10010 / @AdonisOkpidi

That should be both you up and running.

Thanks for doing that.


Please, approve ZOXEXIVO (Artemov Ivan) · GitHub manually

Hi @eoinmcafee00
Can you please approve gustavoromero-gen · GitHub when you get a chance?
Thank you in advance!

Hi @d1wilko You can manually approve my GitHub account for the drone cloud ?. I will use it for plug-in development. My GitHub account hb0730 . Thanks

@eoinmcafee00 can you please approve my account? - P-Salik • Github

Hi, I’m also looking for approval of my account: jracabado (João Acabado) / Repositories · GitHub

I’m looking to use Drone to CI an open source Redis load balancer.