User Management in Drone

I would like to create a project which can have multiple users with different levels of access.
For example:

  • View user - that can only monitor changes, view logs, view orchestration in k8s, …
  • Dev user - that can have all of the above, with the addition of the ability to modify monitoring tool, update a microservice, …
  • Dev+ user - that has all of the above, plus some orchestration changes, the ability to create a microservice, …
  • Admin user - with all the privileges.

Is this in any way doable in Docker at the moment?
Does the Enterprise edition have this possibility?
Is there a possibility to preserve a GitHub hierarchy, if this is not possible natively in Drone?

Thanks in advance!

All user permissions to a repository (push, pull, admin) are inherited directly from GitHub.


Thanks for the reply!
Just one more thing, here are listed the additional functionalities of the Executive edition. Under Plugins and Extensions is listed: Custom Access Control Plugins. How can I access this feature? I ran the drone/drone-exec container, but haven’t found anything in the GUI, or the plugin page.