User getting "Unable to login. Registration is closed" error trying to login

I setup a drone CI 0.4.1 server on AWS a long time ago, and now a new user joined the team and is getting an error trying login:

“Unable to login. Registration is closed”

Any idea why someone would get that error or how to go about fixing?

when you setup drone, you can either use open registration (anyone can login) or closed registration. It looks like you have closed registration configured.

In this case you have the option to:

  • manually add the user in the user management screen
  • whitelist users based on github organization membership
  • open up registration

Unfortunately I’m not sure the exact configuration parameters in 0.4 since things have changed a bit since then. If I remember correctly, you had to define a DSN for your version control system (e.g. github) which has an open and orgs parameters that you can set. For example open=true or open=false&orgs=foo,bar,baz