Use webhook payload that triggered pipeline

I have a pipeline that’s triggered via webhook.


  1. clone
  2. audit
  3. build & publish
  4. redeploy

Next, I need access to the original request (the same request that triggered the pipeline). I need this data preferably in step 5) to send a final http request with a query string.

Is this possible?
How do I retrieve this data and make it available as an environment variable?

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It is not possible to get access to the actual webhook payload since this is not stored in Drone, and the data received from the webhook is abstracted across multiple providers (github, gitlab, bitbucket, gogs, gitea, etc).

Perhaps you would explain what you are trying to accomplish? It sounds like you already have a technical solution in mind, but taking a step back and explaining your goal would help us better understand what you are trying to achieve, and possible ways to make it work.